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Create a Table of Notes

Use this function to create a table that will be a single BOM entity.

Create a BOM Table Dialog Box

The following describes each pane of the Create a BOM Table dialog box .

Create Quick BOM

Create Quick BOM

Create a BOM

Use this function to create a Bill of Materials (BOM).

Refresh all BOM

This function will cause all BOM elements to check for updates to any data which is associatively linked to it.

Complete Refresh BOM

Use this function when you have changed variables (such as BOM Measure values), modified properties and renamed items within BOM without the need to open the BOM.

BOM Autolabel

This function allows you to create a label automatically.

Virtual Objects

This function allows you to add to the BOM database objects without a graphic representation.

Virtual Objects from Levels

This function helps in the conversion of level information into virtual objects which can be used in BOMs.