Parallel at Distance
KeyCreator \ Create \ Line \ Parallel-at-Distance

Location: Create>Line>Parallel Distance

Use this feature to create a parallel line at a specified distance from a selected reference line.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Parallel at a Distance from the Create>Line submenu.

Note: Before the next step, note that you can create multiple parallel lines at the same time, if desired. To do this, on the Conversation Bar, enter multiple distance values separated by semicolons. You can mix positive and negative values as desired. Negative values create a line that is offset in the opposite direction from the selected vector.

  1. Enter the distance from the reference line at which you want to create the parallel line.

  2. Select an existing line as the reference for creating a parallel line.

  3. Select the vector indicating the side of the reference line on which you want the parallel line to appear.