Offset at a Distance
KeyCreator \ Create \ Arc \ Offset-at-a-Distance

Location: Create>Arc>Offset Distance

Use this feature to create an arc (or circle) offset from a selected arc at a specified distance. The new arc will have the same start and end angle as the original arc (or circle).

  • If a distance is selected that is greater than the radius of the arc, and the inner side of the arc is selected, an error will be generated and the arc will not be created.

  • If in 2D mode, and the arc is parallel to the construction plane, the arc will be created in the construction plane.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Offset Distance from the Create>Arc submenu.

Note: Before the next step, note that you can create multiple arcs at the same time, if desired. To do this, on the Conversation Bar, enter multiple distances separated by semicolons. You can mix positive and negative values as desired. Negative values create an arc that is offset in the opposite direction from the selected vector.

  1. Enter the distance.

  2. Select the reference curve to use as the basis for the new arc.

  3. Select the vector that will indicate the side to create the new arc on.

Above > Example of an arc offset (outside arc) at a distance