Number of Points
KeyCreator \ Create \ Point \ Number-of-Points

Location: Create>Point>Number

Use this feature to create a specified number of points on a selected curve. When using this function, keep the following in mind:

  • Points are always created at the start and end of the selected curve. The distance between points equals the length of the curve divided by the number of segments.

  • Regardless of the 2D/3D setting, this option always creates the specified points on the selected curve.

  • To improve accuracy when creating a large number of points on a curve, break the curve into segments, and then break each of the segments down individually.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Number from the Create>Point submenu.

  2. Enter the number of segments on the curve. The number of points created is one greater than the number of segments that you specify.

  3. Select the curve.