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The features available from the Create>Rectangle pull-down and palette menus allow you to create rectangles by several methods; with entered values for the width and height, or with indicated positions for two corners of the rectangle. Rectangles can be created with two different entity types: Lines and Polylines.

  • In 2D construction mode, the rectangle is created and the reference position is projected to the depth of the first indicated position.

  • In 3D construction mode, the rectangle is created in the plane that is parallel to the construction plane and passes through the indicated reference position.

  • For rectangles created by corners, the second corner is the reference position.

  • The line rectangle has four separate line entities. Select each entity to make changes to the whole rectangle.

  • The polyline rectangle has only one entity.

  • The current depth must stay the same once you designate a position.

  • The corners of a line rectangle are not filled when you select line widths greater than one.

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