KeyCreator \ Create \ Polyline \ Polygon

Location: Create>Polyline>Polygon

Use this feature to create a polyline with a specified number of sides, rotation angle, radius, and center. When creating polyline entities, it will be important to keep the following in mind:

  • In 2D construction mode, the polyline is created and the center position is projected to the current construction plane.

  • In 3D construction mode, the polyline is created in the plane that is parallel to the construction plane and that passes through the indicated center position.

Using the Function

  1. Select Polygon from the Create>Polyline options.

  2. Enter the number of sides for the polygon (minimum of 3).

  3. Enter the rotation angle at which you want to align the polygon.

  4. Enter a radius value.

  5. Choose the radius type:

Corner – This is the default option. It measures the radius from the center to a vertex of the polygon.

Flat – Measures the radius from the center, perpendicularly to the side of the polygon.

Side – Measures the radius from a side (line).

  1. Indicate the center position of the polygon.

NOTE: The center is a position equidistant from all vertices.