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The features available from the Create>Spline drop-down and palette submenus allow you to create various spline types. These options appear when you select Spline from the Create Menu. A spline is a smooth curve that passes through a defined set of nodes, or knot points.

When creating splines, it will be important to keep the following in mind:

  • A spline must have at least two nodes.

  • If two consecutive nodes are closer than 0.00001 units, the second point is ignored and the spline is created.

  • The more segments you create in the spline, the greater the round-off error that accumulates toward the end of the spline.

  • A spline has continuity of slope and curvature at all points.

  • The program does not check for spline looping, that is, a spline that intersects itself.

  • Splines are treated as single entities.

  • In 2D construction mode, the spline is created in the current construction plane. It projects all selected nodes to this construction plane.

  • In 3D construction mode, a plane is defined with the indicated nodes. If a plane is found, the spline is created on that plane. If a plane cannot be defined with the indicated nodes, the spline is created and the nodes projected to the current construction plane.

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