2D Closed
KeyCreator \ Create \ Spline \ 2D-Closed

Location: Create>Spline>2D Closed

Use this function to create a closed 2D cubic parametric spline, which lies within a plane and with specified node locations and tangencies at its end points. When creating a 2D-closed spline, keep the following in mind:

  • The 2D cubic parametric spline, which appears as an unbroken loop, starts and ends at the first position selected.

  • The slope and curvature are continuous at all points on the spline.

Using the Function:

  1. Click Create>Spline>2D Closed.

  2. Indicate a series of node points for the new spline.

  3. Click ACCEPT when you complete positioning nodes.

The figure below is an example of a spline created with the 2D Closed function. The points shown were selected in a clockwise direction from the start point.