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The Mesh features are available from the Create>Mesh pull-down and palette submenus. A mesh visually simulates a two-, three-, or four-curve surface; a tabulated cylinder; a surface of revolution; a sphere or a ruled surface.

Entity Types for Mesh Creation

Mesh can be used as a debugging tool before you create a solid model of your wireframe model. When using the mesh functions, keep the following things in mind:

  • Temporary meshes are displayed in the primary viewport. The final mesh is drawn in all viewports.

  • A director curve determines the direction of the sweep. A generator curve is the contour that is swept along the director curve.

  • Changing the current color attribute or level before creating a mesh can make mesh selection easier.

  • The following topics are available. To view information specific to a particular topic, click on the appropriate link.

To view information on a feature available from the Create>Mesh submenu, click the appropriate link below:
Mesh by 2 Curves
Mesh by 3 Curves
Mesh by 4 Curves
Ruled Mesh
Tabulated Cylinder Mesh
Mesh from Revolution
Sphere Mesh