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Ruled Mesh
KeyCreator \ Create \ Mesh \ Ruled-Mesh

Location: Create>Mesh>Ruled Mesh

Use this feature to create a ruled line mesh that visually simulates the surface formed by simultaneously moving a line (a generator) along two director curves.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Ruled Mesh from the Create>Mesh submenu.

  2. Choose the entity type for the mesh.

  3. If you chose Polygon, indicate whether you want to use a three- or four-sided polygon for the mesh.

  4. Choose Num Segs or Arc Length.

  1. If you chose Point as your creation entity, you must also choose the curve segmentation in the cross directions. Choose NumSegs or Arc Length again.

  2. If you chose NumSegs, enter the number of segments on the curve. If you chose Arc Length, enter the arc length.

  3. Select the first director curve near the end to connect.

  4. Select the second director curve near the end to connect.

  5. Choose whether or not the curves are connected correctly.

  6. Choose whether or not you want lines created in the cross direction.

  7. If you choose to create lines in a cross direction, choose Num Segs or Arc Length.

  8. This step does not appear here if you use Point as your mesh creation entity.

  9. Enter the number of segments in the cross direction or the arc length.

  10. Choose whether or not to group the mesh.

  11. If you group the mesh, enter a group name and, if necessary, a subgroup number.