Sphere Mesh
KeyCreator \ Create \ Mesh \ Sphere-Mesh

Location: Create>Mesh> Sphere Mesh

Use this feature to create a mesh that visually simulates a sphere. When creating this type of mesh, keep the following in mind:

  • Spheres are created in View 1, world coordinates.

  • Latitude lines lie in planes parallel to the world coordinate X, Y plane.

  • Longitude lines pass through the north and south poles of the sphere.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Sphere Mesh from the Create>Mesh submenu.

  2. Choose the entity type for the mesh.

  3. Choose a method for creating the spherical mesh:

  • Ctr+Rad - Spherical mesh created by a Center point and indicated Radius value.

  • Ctr+Dia - Spherical mesh created by a Center point and indicated Diameter value.

  1. Indicate the center.

  2. If you chose Center + Radius, enter a radius value.

  3. If you chose Center + Diameter, enter a diameter value.

  4. Enter the number of latitude lines.

  5. Enter the number of longitude lines.

  6. Choose whether or not you want to group the mesh.

  7. If you group the mesh, enter a group name and, if necessary, a subgroup number.