Segment by Entity
KeyCreator \ Create \ Segment \ Segment-by-Entity

Location: Create>Segment>Segment by Entity

Use this feature to create a specified number of equal length entity segments on a selected curve. The segments created are of the same entity type as the selected entity. For example, if you select an arc as a reference entity, the arc segments are created along the original arc.

NOTE: This function can only be used with lines, arcs, and circles.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Segment by Entity from the Create>Segment submenu.

  2. Enter the number of segments to create.

  3. Select the entity on which you want to create the new entity segments.

  4. If you select an arc or circle, you must enter the start and end angles to choose the part of the entity to segment. A series of x markers on the reference entity to show the segmentation points.

  5. Choose whether or not to accept the placement markers or select a new entity to segment.