Linear Parallel
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Linear-Dimension \ Linear-Parallel

Location: Detail>Linear Dimension>Linear Parallel

Use this feature to create a parallel dimension between two specified positions and along an axis.  As you are placing the second witness line the dimension is dynamic in value until the witness is anchored.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Linear Parallel from the Detail>Linear Dimension submenu.

  2. Indicate the first dimension position.

  3. Indicate the second dimension position.

  4. Select an axis selection method by clicking on the appropriate button or enter a value to define the axis:

  1. Indicate a position for the dimension text.

Reference Points

This option automatically creates a parallel dimension along an axis defined by the first and second dimension positions you indicate.


Above > Example of a Parallel Linear dimension, using Reference Points

Two Points

This option creates a parallel dimension based on the axis you define by indicating two axis positions.

  • Indicate the first axis position.

  • Indicate the second axis position.