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Chain Parallel
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Linear-Dimension \ Chain-Parallel

Location: Detail>Linear Dimension>Chain Parallel

Use this feature to create a series of dimensions measured parallel to the direction of the axis determined by selected positions.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Chain Parallel from the Detail>Linear Dimension submenu.

  2. Indicate the first point for the axis.

  3. Indicate the second point for the axis.

  4. Indicate dimension positions.

  5. Indicate a witness line height. This position is used to calculate the witness and leader lines for the dimensions. Two temporary witness lines appear showing the boundaries of the dimension.

  6. Indicate a position for the dimension text. The dimension text is displayed at the position you specified and changes the temporary lines to solid witness lines. Two more temporary witness lines are automatically displayed defining the next dimensions boundaries, and so on.


Above > Example of Parallel Chain dimensions