Merge Linear
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Linear-Dimension \ Merge-Linear

Location: Detail>Linear Dimension>Merge Linear

Use the Merge function to combine two dimensions into one dimension. You are prompted to select two dimensions with a common point. Note that if two dimensions are selected that do not share a common point, an error message will be displayed.

  • text-indent: -1px;"> If one dimension is enclosed by another, the enclosed dimension will simply be deleted.

  • This function only works with linear vertical and horizontal dimensions.

  • The two dimensions that you select must be of identical type (both vertical, or both horizontal).

  • The text of the new merged dimension is auto-centered, and will maintain the same X coordinate (for vertical) or Y (for horizontal) so that the dimensions remain aligned.

  • The new merged dimension will retain the attributes of the first dimension that is selected.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Merge Linear from the Detail>Linear Dimensions submenu.

  2. Indicate the first dimension.

  3. Indicate the second dimension, to be merged with the first. Note that the second must share a common point with the first. If the two indicated dimensions are of identical type (both vertical linear or horizontal linear), and share a common point, the two dimensions will be merged.