Radial Bent
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Radial-Dimension \ Radial-Bent

Location: Detail>Radial Dimension>Radial Bent

Use this feature to dimension an arc whose center does not appear on-screen. Bent radial dimensions appear to have leader lines that zigzag. If the arc is parallel to the Construction Plane, the dimension is placed in the CPlane at the arc’s depth. If it is parallel to the Display View, the dimension is placed in the Display View at the arc’s depth. The dimension is placed on the arc’s plane if neither of the above rules applies.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Radial Bent from the Detail>Radial Dimension submenu.

  2. Select the arc to dimension.

  3. Indicate the reference center of the arc; this is the leader's start point.

  4. Indicate the leader line's first bend, or elbow.

  5. Indicate the leader line's second elbow. For a sharp angle, select almost directly above or below the first elbow.

  6. Indicate the dimension text. The dimension and its leader lines are displayed.

HINT: Make sure your selections for steps 3 through 5 lie within the arc's radius and circumference.