Aligned Parallel
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Ordinate \ Aligned-Parallel

Location: Detail>Baseline Dimension>Aligned Parallel

Use this function to create ordinate dimensions that appear along an axis you specify by defining two positions. Because the text is aligned, the first text position sets the position for all other text in the string. The text automatically aligns with the first dimension you create.


Using the Function:

  1. Click Detail>Baseline Dimension>Aligned Parallel.

  2. Indicate the base ordinate position.

  3. Indicate second (subordinate) position.

  4. Select axis definition method or enter value. You can use the positions you chose in the previous two steps, enter a numerical angle value for the axis, or use any of the KeyCreator selection methods to define the axis by two points. The dimension text is aligned automatically with the position you choose.

  5. Indicate additional subordinate positions.

  6. Click Accept when finished.