Coordinate Table
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Tools \ Coordinate-Table


Location: Detail>Automatic Dimensioning>Coordinate Table

This function will list the world coordinate position for picked entities and place a table listing the entity (gives a numbered label), X/Y(optional Z) coordinates and any diameter/radius information available.

Using the Function

  1. Use the Detail>Automatic Dimensioning>Configure Automatic Dimensioning.

  2. Open the Detail>Automatic Dimensioning>Coordinate Table.

  3. A selection menu prompts for entities to build the table, all highlighted  geometry will be included.

  4. A prompt for indicating origin for coordinate table appears, choose the origin point.

  5. Indicate the placement for the table by cursor selecting or use the position menu.

Note: If the table content looks odd (numbers from cells running into other cells) it is likely due to improper setup of the Format tab in the Configure Automatic Dimension above.