Surface Finish
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Symbol \ Surface-Finish \ Surface-Finish

Location: Detail>Symbol>Surface Finish

The Surface Finish function can be used to construct various types of surface texture symbols based on ANSI Y14.36-1978 or ISO standards. Surface texture symbols specify the roughness average ("Ra") value of a surface. This value is usually measured in micro inches for ANSI standards and denotes the smoothness of a surface.

You may also add additional information to the symbol, if you wish, in the text fields provided. All information added will be automatically placed in the proper location around the symbol.

NOTE: Various settings such as leader types, unit standards and leading zeros can be set in the Detail Settings tabbed dialog box available from the Detail palette menu or the pull-down menu on the Menu bar.

To view steps on how to use the Surface Finish feature or to learn about dialog options, click the appropriate link below:

Using the Surface Finish Feature

Dialog Options