File Link
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Note \ File-Link

Location: Detail>Notes>File Link

The File Link feature can be used to create a note by importing an existing text file from a disk. The resulting note contains a filename with its drive, pathname, extension, and text attributes.

File notes reference a file. Therefore, when you change the contents of the file, the part file containing the file note changes to reflect the changes the next time you load the part file. The note text is not stored for a file-based note in the part file. Instead, it stores the path where the note exists so that it can be re-read when the part file is loaded.

  • When creating file notes, keep these things in mind:

  • There is no size restriction for the text file that you use to create a file-based note.

  • Use a text editor to modify the contents of the file to change the text of an existing file-based note.

  • IGES does not support file notes. If you use IGES to export a part file, you will lose the note. Make sure you keep the note on your hard disk. If you delete or move the note, an error message appears.

Using the Function:

  1. Select File Link from the Detail>Note submenu. The Note File Open dialog appears.

  2. Enter the complete path and filename including the correct file extension and click on the OPEN button.

  3. Indicate a position in the part for the note text. Each time you indicate another position, the note text is displayed at that location.

NOTE: If you do not store your file in the note file directory, make sure that the file specification includes the correct drive, path, filename, and extension. If you send part files with file notes to another directory, make sure you include the file note and its path.