KeyCreator \ Detail \ Note \ Label

Location: Detail>Notes>Label

Creates tags with leaders and arrows for your drawing. Note that labels are not coplanar.

NOTE: Arrowheads can be added to or moved/deleted from labels with string leaders using the Generic Move function.

Using Custom Fonts


Using the Function:

  1. Select Labels from the Detail>Notes submenu.

  2. The Create a Label dialog box appears (see below). Enter the text that you would like to appear in the label, and configure the settings available from the additional dialog pages. Click OK.

  3. Select a location for the arrowhead. If you want the arrowhead to snap to an entity, select the shift key to use the nearest position snap.

  4. Place the text note.

  5. If you wish to have multiple arrows, choose the location(s). The leaders will automatically connect the arrow point(s) to the label.


Dialog Options:


Enter the text you wish to appear in the label. To remove the entered text from the editable field, click CLEAR.

Fields and Symbols can also be added to a label by clicking on the appropriate button and selecting the desired field/symbol.

Detail Lines

Checking on Allow extension lines under text box will create text above the extension line otherwise text appears after extension line. Using the Jog extension value will offset text from end of extension by value entered. Since this is a label there will be only one arrowhead, choose the style and size by utilizing the First Arrowhead and First height value options.

From Ent-

See Create a New Note or Label Dialogue Options.

Editing an Existing Label:

Select KeyCreator’s Generic Edit feature, and click on the label you wish to modify.

The Editing an Existing Label dialog appears, containing Format and Leader/Witness pages through the label text and/or arrows can be edited.