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The Balloon feature allows you to create a variety of balloon note styles. Balloon notes can often be used as tag numbers that identify specific parts in assembly drawings. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Stacked balloons (those that are stacked one atop another) will move along with the original balloon (the first created).

  • Balloons can support multiple leaders.

  • Text balloons support the Elbow, Stack, and String leader styles.

  • Balloon widths are based upon the text height and diameter ratio (see below).

  • The height of all balloons other than Triangle and Text Only is equal to the text height multiplied by the diameter ratio. The Triangle balloon is 50% taller than the others.

  • The width of the Rectangle style balloon is five times its height.

  • The leader of a Box Point balloon will always extend from the tip of its triangle.

  • The leader of a Text Only balloon will always extend from the left of the text, and will be centered vertically with respect to the line of the text.

  • Anchor and arrowhead points may be associative to other geometry.

To view dialog options or steps on how to use the Balloon feature, click the appropriate link below:

Using the Function

Dialog Options