Restyle Tolerance
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Restyle-Details-Ent \ Restyle-Tolerance

Location: Detail>Restyle Detail Ents>Tolerance

This function allows you to modify the tolerance of a dimension, using the controls shown in the dialog below. While this dialogs appears, any entity selected  is updated to match the values shown in the dialog. The dialog remains active after modification to allow for additional modifications to dimensions, once complete choose Esc to end process.

Get values from ... detail options.

Allows you to select one of the panes on the Detail Options dialog (located at Detail>Settings>Settings). This causes the options on that selected pane to populate the remaining options on this Restyle Tolerance dialog.

Tolerance mode
The type of tolerance to display

Display zero tolerance sign:

 This will toggle how the tolerance symbol will appear ( checked on the + and - will appear, checked off only the + will appear..)

Upper value:

The value of the upper tolerance

 Lower value:

The value of the lower tolerance

Fraction roundoff- Checked on will allow you to choose a fractional roundoff value.

Precision-Checked on will allow you to choose the decimal precision to alter the selected details.