Cutting Plane Line
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Detail-Line \ Cutting-Plane \ Cutting-Plane-Line


Location: Detail>Detail Lines>Cutting Plane Line

Use the Cutting Plane Line feature to establish a cutting line through a section view using a line entity and the settings that are available from the Cutting Plane Line dialog.

When creating cutting plane lines, keep the following in mind:

  • When a cutting plan line is deleted, the section view is also deleted. When the primary instance is deleted, the cutting plane line and the derived section are also deleted.

  • Cutting plane lines can be modified. When modifications are made, the section view updates automatically to reflect the changes.

  • Cutting plane lines are like dimensions in that they attach to geometry and move or change shape as the geometry changes.

  • The Global Edit and Move features available from the Edit>Entities submenu can be used on both cutting plane lines and section views. When moving the location of a cutting plane line, you are required indicate which plane to move using a red marker.


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