Section Views
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Location: Detail>Section View

Use this function to create sectional cutout views of bodies in Layout or Model mode. Section view projections can be aligned to the original view or unaligned (freeform), and you can define offset projections when selecting the cutting plane. To view section View Dialog information see Section View Dialog Options.

When using the Section View feature, it will be important to keep the following in mind:

  • The section line arrows should point towards the geometry being sectioned (or away from the geometry being cut-away. This is general drafting practice; Solids will allow you to create the lines with the arrows pointing in the opposite direction if you wish.

  • You can indicate multiple solid bodies/sheet bodies with a single section line.

  • If you modify or add new planes to the cutting plane lines, the section views will reprocess automatically.

  • text-indent: -2px;"> When creating section views the current system default attributes are used. However, when modifying sections views there is an Attributes tab in the dialog where you can change such aspects as the color, height and style of the text and lines.

  • Broken section views can be created, where the section line terminates somewhere inside the solid object. An uneven line represents broken sections. The granularity of the uneven line is determined by the Note Height setting in the Attributes tab of the dialog box.

  • Crosshatching in section views are automatically updated when necessary. These changes will be maintained, even when you update the rendering later.

  • When creating section views, you are first prompted to choose the position on the model at which to create the section, and then the arrow locations.

  • When a cutting plan line is deleted, the section view is also deleted. When the primary instance is deleted, the cutting plane line and the derived section are also deleted.

  • The Global Edit and Move functions available from the Edit>Entities submenu can be used on both cutting plane lines and section views. In addition the Layout\ Instance Display\ Rotate can be used on the section view.

  • The Move function when used with section views snaps along the projected line from the primary instance if the view has a projected location.