Scale Full
KeyCreator \ Transform \ Scale \ Scale-Full

Location: Transform>Scale Full Options

Using the Scale>Scale Full>Move, Copy, and Join functions, you can increase or decrease the size of selected entities by changing their entity data. The Scale Full functions move each position on the selected entities, changing the size of the geometry, but not its shape. When using these functions, remember the vector from the base position to the moved position is the scale factor multiplied by the vector from the base position to the original position.

Using the Function:

Select Scale Full>Move, Copy, or Join (see icons below) from the Transform>Scale submenu.
 image\ScaleFullMoveL.gif Scale Full>Move

          image\ScaleFullCopyL.gif Scale Full>Copy

           image\ScaleFullJoinL.gif Scale Full>Join

  1. Select the entities you intend to scale.

  2. If either Copy or Join is selected, you must enter the number of copies to be created.

  3. Indicate a base position, or scaling origin. This point remains stationary in the transformation.

  4. Enter a scale factor (remember that it cannot be zero). The transformation is performed.


Above > An example of Scale Full