Circular Array
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Location: Transform>Circular Array

The Circular Array functions rotate geometry about a defined axis by a given number of degrees while maintaining its original orientation. When using these functions, it will be important to keep the following in mind:

  • A positive rotation angle rotates the selected entities counterclockwise from the base position.

  • A negative rotation angle rotates the selected entities clockwise from the base position.

  • The axis can be defined by two user-defined positions pointing from the first position to the second.

  • Or the axis can be defined by one position pointing in the direction of the construction view's Z-axis.


Using the Function:

          image\CArrayMoveL.gif Circular Array>Move

          image\CArrayCopyL.gif Circular Array>Copy

          image\CArrayJoinL.gif Circular Array>Join

  1. Select Circular Array from the Transform Menu.

  2. Select Move, Copy, or Join (see icons below) from the submenu.

  3. Select the entities you intend to transform.

  4. If either Copy or Join is selected, you must enter the selected number of copies to be created.

  5. Indicate the first point on the rotational axis.

  6. Indicate the second point on the rotational axis, or select SKIP to make the axis normal to the construction plane.

  7. Indicate a base position. The base position is rotated about the indicated axis by the rotation angle. Everything else keeps its relationship to the original base point.

  8. Enter the rotation angle. The rotation is then completed.


Above > An example of Circular Array>Copy