Explode Solid
KeyCreator \ Transform \ Explode-Solid

Location: Transform>Explode Solid

This function moves selected solids apart from each other in the construction plane Z axis to create a simple 'exploded view' style orientation. Explode Solid on assembly will require an Edit>Entities>Burst before use.


Using the Function:

The first prompt requires selection of the solid(s) which will stay in their original position. This selection defines the base position.

The second prompt requires selection of the solid(s) which will be transformed away from the base position.

The third prompt requires input of a distance value. Transformed solids will be moved away from the fixed solid(s) in layers separated this distance apart. This distance applies in both directions along the C-Plane Z axis.

Original solids with one fixed solid in green

Exploded results, subsequently rotated to view the separation from the side.


Note: This function should be used with caution on solids with associative drawings. Transforming solids in model space impacts detail drawing view instances which contain those solids. It is advised to explode in like groupings for most accurate results (such as explode bolts then explode washers...) but there may be times when the like groupings will need to be subgroup exploded (see example below.):

In the above case leave out the last two socket screws during initial explode and then go back and explode them the same distance. In this case the last two socket screws where slightly offset compared to the other socket screws (+z offset of 0.0154mm) which caused the difference in the explode position.