Long Break Instance
KeyCreator \ Layout \ Long-Break-Instance

Location: Layout>Long Break Instance

This function assists in the creation of a typical drafting broken view for a given instance. The function is intended for normal instance views (not applicable to section views or callout views for example.) Each broken view is a seperate layout instance and allows dimensioning across multiple broken views. Instance settings such as rendering will be set to the original instance settings while the break lines will get there attributes from the standard system settings.

Using this Function:

  1. Choose Layout>Long Break instance within a given layout bring up the instance selection conversation bar. Choose the instance to modify.

  2. The function will determine in which direction the break should occur (horizontal or vertical.) Indicate the first and second break position using the position menu in the conversation bar.

  3. Select the location for the Long Break Instance (auto aligned to the parent instance.)

  4. The instance created can be modified using the generic edit function as needed.