Automatic Align
KeyCreator \ Layout \ Automatic Align \ Automatic-Align


Location: Layout>Instance Position>Automatic

Use this function to align two instances by letting you choose a fixed instance and the instance you want to align. The instance you want to align uses the fixed instance as a reference. Figuring out the common axis between them aligns the two. To use this option, the scale of the drawing instances you want to align must be identical. You cannot align two instances with different drawing scales.

NOTE: When the alignment of a drawing instance that contains tagged entities is modified, these entities will be realigned along with the instance.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Automatic from the Instance Position submenu.

  2. Select a fixed instance.

  3. Select the instance you intend to align. The program figures out the instances’ common axis and positions the drawing instance you chose to align in a tracking path with the fixed instance. If the program cannot align the axes of the two instances, it automatically rotates the second instance so that it will align correctly.

  4. Indicate a new alignment position along the tracking path, using the Universal Position Menu. The instance is aligned according to the position you have selected on the fixed instance.