KeyCreator \ Layout \ Instance-Display \ Rotate


Location: Layout>Instance Display>Rotate

The Rotate function is used to change the rotation angle of a drawing instance.

  • A 2D rotation about the center of the drawing instance will change the rotation angle of the instance you selected, not of any of the other instances.

  • The rotation angle value you enter is absolute according to the original placement of the instance, not relative as in XForm>Rotate.

  • When a drawing instance that has layout-specific entities tagged to it, they will be rotated with the selected drawing instance, and by the same rotation angle.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Rotate from the Layout>Instance Display submenu.

  2. Select the instance you want to rotate. The instance becomes active.

  3. Enter the new rotation angle and choose ACCEPT; you can enter a ±360 degree angle value.