Four Positions Align
KeyCreator \ Layout \ Four Positions Align \ Four-Positions-Align


Location: Layout>Instance Position>Four Positions

Use this function to align and rotate an instance by selecting two alignment positions, the instance you want to align, and two location positions, which the program uses to align the instance. The four positions you select all lie on the same plane.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Four Positions from the Instance Position submenu.

  2. Select the first and second alignment positions. The tracking path is determined by the axis formed between the two.

  3. Select the instance you want to align.

  4. Select the third and fourth alignment positions. These will form an axis that rotates the instance and allows you to slide the axis along the one defined in Step 2. The instance you want to align is positioned within a tracking path.

  5. Indicate a new instance location for the instance along the tracking path.