KeyCreator \ Layout \ Instance-Display \ Freeze-Unfreeze


Location: Layout>Instance Display>Freeze/Unfreeze

The Freeze/Unfreeze function allows you to freeze/unfreeze the current center position and scale of a drawing instance so that neither one can be modified (see Modify Restrictions below). To unfreeze a center position and scale, simply select the Freeze/Unfreeze function a second time.


Modify Restrictions:

When Freeze is used, the following modification/editing procedures will not be allowed:

  • Changing the center position (panning)

  • Scaling

  • Resizing the border and changing the border type

  • Changing the position

  • Changing the rotation

  • Blanking

  • Instance alignment

  • Changing the display view

  • Changing the rendering method

  • Using KeyCreator’s Global Edit


Using the Function:

  1. Select Freeze/Unfreeze from the Layout>Instance Display submenu.

  2. Select the drawing instance you intend to freeze / unfreeze.

  3. The program then freezes (or unfreezes) that instance.