KeyCreator \ Layout \ Instance-Display \ Hide


Location: Layout>Instance Display>Hide

This function allows you to hide instance-specific entities within a drawing instance. Hiding allows you to mask entities individually, not just by level. The entity is not truly being deleted, but merely being un-displayed.

HINT: To delete layout-specific entities, use Edit>Delete Single/Multiple Select.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Hide from the Layout>Instance Display submenu.

  2. Select the entity(s) that you intend to blank, using the selection menu.

  3. Choose ACCEPT when you are finished selecting entities. The entities you select will no longer be visible in the instance, until they are un-blanked (see Unblank) from the drawing instance you selected.

NOTE: If some of the entities are difficult to select within the selected instance, select them from other instances where they are easier to pick. The Blank function will cause the entity(s) to be un-displayed only from the instance you had previously selected. If you select like entities from other instances, they will not be blanked.