Replace Instance Entity
KeyCreator \ Layout \ Replace-Instance-Entity

Replace Instance Entity

Location: Layout>Replace Instance Entity

This function allows you to select instance-specific entities to convert to layout-specific geometry. The function is a three-step process.

  • Replicate – Replication of the select entity(s) is the first procedure. When this occurs, a layout-specific copy of the selected entity(s) is created on top of the original.

  • Blank – The original entity(s) are blanked underneath the new copy(s).

  • Tag – The new replaced entity(s) are then tagged to the instance.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Replace Instance Entity from the Layout Menu.

  2. Select the instance that contains the geometry you intend to replace.

  3. Select the instance-specific entities in the selected instance to change to layout-specific geometry. If it is difficult to select entities in the selected instance, select them from another instance; only the entities in the selected instance are replaced.

  4. Select ACCEPT when you are finished. The selected entities are replaced.

NOTE: If you try to move an instance after replacing an entity within that instance, the entire instance will relocate, including the replaced entities, because they are tagged to the instance. To reverse the result of this function at any time, delete the layout-specific entity (copy) and use the Unblank function to redisplay the instance-specific entity that had been blanked.