Change Orientation
KeyCreator \ Assemblies \ Move \ Change-Orientation

Location: Assemblies>Move>Change Orientation

This function allows you to modify the orientation of a part reference by selecting a new plane. Once changed, the part reference is oriented on the plane you had selected.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Change Orientation from the right-click menu, or from the Assemblies menu.

  2. Select the reference whose orientation you intend to change (if selected from the Menu).

  3. Select the plane off of which the new orientation will be defined. The reference then is oriented off of the plane that was selected. If an associative position was used, the reference should maintain current location with only the orientation changed. If a non-associative position was used, the location is relative to the insertion plane and the part reference may move as well. This may require an addiional Change Location operation to adjust location.