Update References
KeyCreator \ Assemblies \ Edit \ Update-References


Location: Assemblies>Update References

When geometry referenced by an entity in another part is changed or modified in any way in the same session, the referencing entity is suppressed. For example, if there is a dimension in Part A that displays the length of a line in Part B, through a part reference, moving the endpoints of that line in Part B will cause the dimension in Part A to become suppressed. Entities also become suppressed when a part reference through which they reference an entity is suppressed.

Suppressed entities will display in the Suppressed Part Reference color set under File>Properties>Settings.

Use the Update References function to update all suppressed entities in the active part (or selected part in the Tree Window). The entity will update itself and become unsuppressed, as long as none of the part references that the entity is using are suppressed.

NOTE: This function will purge the undo history of the part in order to maintain the integrity of the updated entities.