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The Edit Part In-Context function allows you to edit referenced parts in the context of an assembly. All other geometry in the displayed part is available to be used as reference geometry while the edit is being performed. Such editing is done through a single instance of that part. Any other instances containing references to that same part will behave normally. Note that any new entities that are created will be added to the active level of the referenced part. Per standard practice, if the active level is not selected as visible through part reference display (see Ref Display), added entities will not be visible.

When editing a reference in context, the name(s) of the reference being edited will appear in the title bar in the following format:



Any part reference displayed in the part, or in any part referenced by those part references (any reference in the tree) can be activated for editing purposes. If the selection is done through the viewport, the reference that is the direct parent of the selected geometry will be activated. Any higher-level reference will have to be selected through the tree.

For example: Part A references Part B, which references Part C. In Part A, you would use the Edit In Context function, and edit geometry from Part C. Part C will be the active part, even though the geometry is displayed through a reference to Part B. If the geometry you pick is in Part B, then Part B will be activated.

Use the End In-Context Editing function to end the editing session.

When using the Edit Part In-Context function, it will be important to know the following terms:

Displayed Part

This is the part that is normally active in the window where the editing occurs. The Displayed Part contains a reference (either directly or indirectly) to the Active Part (part being edited).

Active Part

This is the part being edited within the window. For any window, this begins as a Displayed Part.

Part Reference

A part reference is an entity that references an existing part. Entities from the part are not stored with the reference. Functionally, there is no difference between internal part references and external part references.


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