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Use the Suppress/Unsuppress function to un-load a part reference that you select. When you suppress a part reference, it isn’t only hidden from view – the entities belonging to the suppressed part reference are "removed" from the part. Note, however, that the reference, and the entities it contains, returns when you elect to unsuppress it. This function allows for a smaller memory footprint. When a reference is suppressed, it is no longer accounted for by system memory.

When a part reference is suppressed, its visual representation is replaced with a bounding cuboid that retains the color attribute of the suppressed part reference. If the part reference had not been assigned a color attribute, it will take on the color set for Suppressed Part Ref Box under File>Properties>Colors/Attributes. The cuboid for the suppressed part is based on the most recent bounding information available. If the part has been modified since it was last loaded, the cuboid will not reflect such changes.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Suppress/Unsuppress from the right-click menu, or from the Assemblies menu.

  2. The reference currently highlighted will become suppressed when the function is first selected, and a checkbox will appear beside the function in the right-click menu. To un-suppress the reference, simply select the function a second time.