Change Referenced Part
KeyCreator \ Assemblies \ Edit \ Change-Referenced-Part


Location: Assemblies>Change Referenced Part

Use the Change Referenced Part function to change the part a part reference refers to. Note that this may adversely affect anything that carried ID information into that reference, such as dimensions. You will be required to re-select a part file to which the selected part reference will become associated.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Change Referenced Part from either the right-click menu or from the Assemblies menu.

  2. Select the reference to change (if selected from Menu).

  3. The Select Design File dialog then appears, from which you are able to browse and select a new file to which the reference will be associated.

You will be asked if you wish to store the relative path (e.g., ref/part1.ckd) to the referenced file. YES will save the relative path; NO will save the full path (e.g. c:/KeyCreator/ckd/ref/part1.ckd). Note that this prompt only appears if the .CKD file containing the reference(s) has been saved.

Using a relative path allows for more flexibility when moving parts and their associated references. This is because you only need to make sure that referenced .CKD files are in the same location relative to the location of the parent part file. On the other hand, choosing to store the full path means you can move the parent part and it will still find the references as long as they remain in the original location.

More Information on Relative Paths