Add to Group
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Non-Geometric \ Group \ Add-to-Group

Location: Tools>Group>Add

Use this function to add entities to an existing group.

Using the Function:

  1. Click Tools>Group>Add.

  2. Enter the name of an existing group to which the entities will be added. If the group is not found, enter a different group name.

  3. Enter an existing subgroup number to which to add the entities.

  4. Select the entities to add to the subgroup. If you use the Single selection method and select previously grouped entities, you can reassign the entities to the new group, using one of three selection options:

    Group – This setting creates one new group for each group that contains at least one selected entity. Each new group has the same subgroup structure as the original group, except that it does not contain empty subgroups.

    Subgroup – This setting creates one new subgroup for each selected entity.

    Entity – This setting un-groups all selected entities.

  5. If you used the Single selection method, click Accept. The entities you selected are then added to the subgroup you specified.