List Groups
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Non-Geometric \ Group \ List-Groups

Location: Tools>Group>List

The List Groups function is used to display a list of groups associated within a given part file.

Using the Function:

1      Select List from the Tools>Group submenu.

2      A list of the current group names and subgroup numbers appears in the Group List dialog box.

  • Group Number – The number determined by the order in which the visible groups were created, where the number 1 indicated that its associated group was created first, is displayed here.
  • Name – The current group name is displayed here. Changes to the group name will update here automatically.
  • Subgroups – The number of subgroups per group is displayed here. 256 subgroups are allowed for each group.
  • Subgroup List – The identity of the subgroups under a given group (listed by number).
  • Left click highlight group name- This will highlight the associated group entities in display.