KeyCreator \ Verify \ Area-Centroid

Location: Tools>Verify>Area/Centroid

Use the Area/Centroid option to measure the area of a selected closed figure.  The centroid's X and Y coordinates will be displayed.  The area of a selected closed figure is calculated, along with the X and Y coordinates of the centroid.  A centroid is the center of mass in an object.  For a typical closed figure, rectangles are used, called panels, to estimate the area of the selected shape.  You can control the width of these panels for more accuracy; smaller panel widths give more accurate calculations.  Note that this function only works for Wireframe entities.

When verifying the area and centroid, keep these things in mind:

  • The information is calculated using the current cplane coordinate system, XV, YV, and displays a temporary marker.

  • Selected entity data information is always projected to the current cplane before it finds the area or centroid.

Using the Function:

  • Select Area/Centroid from the Tools>Verify submenu.

  • Select the entity(s) to be verified using the selection menu, then select ACCEPT when done.

  • Input a panel interval.  The rectangular shapes, called panels, approximate the area used to calculate the area/centroid of the shape you select. The Data Verify box will then display the area/centroid data of the selected entity(s).