KeyCreator \ Verify \ Moment

Location: Tools>Verify>Moment

Use the Verify>Moment feature to calculate the polar moment of inertia of a selected closed region, using a selected axis that is normal to the cplane.  The moment of inertia is figured with a reference axis you choose.  For a typical closed figure, rectangles are used, called panels, to estimate the area and moment of inertia of the selected shape.  You can control the width of these panels for more accuracy; smaller panel widths give more accurate calculations.  Note that this function only works for Wireframe entities.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Moment from the Tools>Verify submenu.

  2. Select the entity(s) you intend to verify using the selection menu. Select ACCEPT when done.

  3. Pick the axis location or position. A red star shape will appear at the indicated axis.

  4. Input a panel interval. The rectangular shapes, called panels, approximate the area used to calculate the area/centroid of the shape you select. The Data Verify box will appear displaying the moment data of the entity(s) you had selected.