Save Picture
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Non-Geometric \ Picture-Manager \ Save-Picture

Location: Tools>Picture Manager>Save Picture

Use this feature to save pictures through the dialog that appears when the function is selected. Pictures will be saved to the *.PMF format.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Save Picture from the Tools>Picture Manager submenu.

  2. The Picture Manager Insert Data dialog appears. Configure the dialog options and click OK.

Dialog Options:


Specify a name for the picture.


Specify a description for the picture.

Save Zoom

When selected, the current zoom parameter will be saved.

Note: The saved zoom/view will show as a current listed Display View or instance view (with a [PM] appended to name) if Save Zoom is checked on, as well as appearing in the Load Picture function. Unchecked will result in no display view saved.

Save Levels ON

When selected, levels will be saved turned on.

Save Active Level

When selected, the active level will be saved with the picture.