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Location: Create>Swept Solid>Sweep

The Sweep Planar Profile to Form Solid function is used to create a solid body, which is an extrusion of a planar and closed set of curves along a path. There are several settings that determine how the sweep is performed. These settings can be configured through the Sweep Planar Profile dialog box, discussed below. When using the Sweep Planar Profile to Form Solid function, it will be important to keep the following in mind:

  • If the profile consists of inner loops that are all enclosed within the outer loop, the solids created from the inner loops are subtracted from the solid that is created from the outer loop. This will result in a single body.

  • If multiple profiles are extruded, and the profiles overlap or intersect, the resultant bodies are trimmed to one another. A single body is the result.

  • If multiple profiles are extruded, and the profiles do not overlap or intersect, each profile will result in a separate body. Thus, if there are no ’r;n’ non-overlapping profiles, the result is ’r;n’ bodies.

  • If you select the "To Body" Sweep Method option in the dialog, you can choose faces on solids or bodies outside of the active part during in-context editing mode of assemblies.

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