Edge Curves
KeyCreator \ Create \ Surface \ Edge-Curves \ Edge-Curves

Location: Create>Surfaces>Edge Curves

Use the Edge Curves function to build a face from three or four boundary curves. The boundary curves used in the Edge Curves function cannot extend beyond the corners of the surface to be defined. Some users might recognize this surfacing technique as the classic Coons patch surface definition. One of the limits to the Edge Curve surfacing technique is that 3 or 4 boundary curves do not always have enough information to define what the user intends for the shape of the inner region of the surface.

Usually, the Edge Curve function is used to quickly surface a limited area of the part in preparation for machining, SLA prototyping, or shading.

You will be prompted to select the 3 or 4 boundary curves in any order. The Chain Select option can be used to build the edge curves from chains of simpler curves. The curves are blended across the surface, creating a smooth transition from one side of the surface to the other. The maximum deviation of the surface edge curves from the parent curves is set by the Curve Fit Tolerance.


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