Boundary Curves
KeyCreator \ Create \ Surface \ Boundary-Curves \ Boundary-Curves

Location: Create>Surfaces>Boundary Curves

The Boundary Curves function allows multiple co-planar closed profiles to be transformed into a trimmed planar face definition by just selecting the curves. For example, a circle can be selected and transformed into a face.

When choosing multiple profiles, keep the following in mind:

  • Overlapping and intersecting profiles are automatically trimmed to one another.

  • Profiles that are intended to be holes within a larger outer profile are automatically detected and cut away.

  • Non intersecting profiles that do not satisfy the above two conditions will result in one body with multiple lumps. If "n" such non-intersecting closed profiles are selected, one body with "n" lumps will be created.

Click the link below to view steps on how to use the function:

Using the Function