KeyCreator \ Create \ Surface \ Point-Vector \ Point-Vector

Location: Create>Surfaces>Point/Vector

Point/Vector was one of the first surface-modeling techniques ever developed on computers. Today, because of the variety of new modeling techniques, the Point/Vector surface method is mostly of academic importance. However, this surface modeling method is an excel lent tool for demonstrating the influence of vectors on a surface definition.

The Point/Vector method is a con struction technique that builds a surface that will pass exactly through a grid of points with optional tangent vectors that control slope at any point.

Creating surfaces by point and vector input offers the maximum flexi bility and power available from any of Solids modeling routines. While this process of building a surface is more laborious than Create General Curve Surface, it allows precise control of the points that a surface will pass through, as well as controlling the direction of the surface at each point.


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