Reparameterized Trim
KeyCreator \ Create \ Advanced-Surfaces \ Reparameterized-Trim

Location: Create>Advanced Surfaces>Reparameterized Trim

This surface-creation technique differs from standard surface trimming, in that it makes a new four (or three) sided untrimmed surface. It is similar to the Edge Curve Surface method in the way that it interpolates a new surface from the selected bounding curves. It is used to create a new surface that matches the shape of an existing surface within the region defined by the specified bounding curves. The new surface will have its own unique set of flowlines which are dictated by the shape of the bounding curves, while matching the position of the underlying surface. In this way a larger surface can be trimmed down to a smaller region of interest while obtaining a new more desirable flowline characteristic.

The new boundary curves must be located on or over the surface. If the curves do not lie on the surface, they will be projected exactly onto the surface. The Boundary curves must meet each other at their end points (no gaps are allowed between end points). The Boundary curves may be Chain Selected if there are multiple sections to each boundary curve. When selecting the curves using the Chain Selection option, click ACCEPT after each of the four Boundaries has been selected to indicate that the given boundary has been defined.

NOTE: Curves can be projected onto a surface using Create>Spline>Project Curve. This spline can then be used to create a surface using the new boundary.